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Adult Basic Education, Christian GED, and Career Education

Adult Basic Education and GED System

ILS NOVA is a joint program of Innovative Learning Systems (ILS) and TechMission to provide an integrated adult basic education, GED and employment program for the homeless to over 200 learning centers in 38 states across America and Canada. The ILS NOVA system is used by skidrow rescue missions, homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers, churches, probational facilities, community centers, and home schooling support groups.

NOVA Program Benefits

  • Course content delivered online and in workbooks as an alternative to lectures.
  • Emphasis on mastery of skills in reading, writing, learning, and math.
  • Program prepares graduates to get their GED.
  • Program contains a strong career education component to prepare graduates for future employment.

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NOVA Clients

Our clients include:

  • Haven of Rest Ministries
  • Miami Rescue Mission
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission
  • Capital City Rescue Mission
  • Springfield Rescue Mission
  • Salvation Army ARC 
  • Salvation Army Homeless Shelter
  • Wheeler Mission Ministries 
  • City Union Mission
  • Long Beach Rescue Mission

About the ILS NOVA System

The ILS NOVA System is an individualized, learning-based, adult, education and employment program developed by Innovative Learning Systems (ILS) to provide an innovative, cost-effective alternative to conventional education. The learning system is provided online and includes the following components:

  • Learning Skills Improvement
  • Analytical Thinking Skills
  • Reading Skills Improvement
  • Writing Skills Improvement
  • Math Skills Improvement
  • High School Completion & GED Readiness
  • Career Employment Services